• David Lloyd

A Very Special Birthday

In 2016, Gillingham School will celebrate its 500th Birthday.  Staff and pupils are looking forward to remembering how the school, the town and the local community has developed over that time, what has been achieved as a school and what has been achieved by former pupils.

Throughout the year students across the school will be using artefacts from both the school’s and the museum’s archives as the stimulus for learning in different subject areas.

David Lloyd, Chairman of Gillingham Local History Society which governs the Museum said, “We are pleased to be in partnership with Gillingham School staff and students working on a digital timeline of Gillingham history.”

Students will also be curating exhibitions in the museum for display to the wider community.

If you have any memorabilia connected to the school’s history or memories which you would like to share then please email davidlloyd@gillinghammuseum.co.uk quoting ‘School 500’.

The school is establishing a Gillingham School Alumni Society and if you are a former student or colleague of the school you can get in touch via ‘liking’ on the school Facebook page or emailing alumni@gillingham-dorset.co.uk There will also be an Alumni page on the school website www.gillingham.dorset.sch.uk which will be updated with current news and events. Dr John Porter, Society member and  author of ‘Gillingham – The Making of a Dorset Town’ and two Royal Forest books  is in the process of writing the history of Gillingham School from ‘Free School’ days, through to the transformation to a Grammar school and eventually one of the country’s earliest  Comprehensive schools.

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The Museum is governed by the management committee of Gillingham Local History Society.

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