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Todber - An Exhibition of the village's history

The villagers of Todber, past and present, came together in June to hold an exhibition of the village’s history.  Funds are desperately needed to repair the roof of Todber Church, so it seemed the obvious venue to hold it.

Over 100 visitors filled the church, all connected to Todber in some way.  The organising committee used every available space to show how the village developed from parcels of land in the thirteenth century into the friendly caring community it is today.  The Church, quarry and various old properties were highlighted.  Many of the families who have since moved away brought photos, newspaper cuttings, old documents, memorabilia.  Two of the oldest residents, Audrey Trim (Galpin) and Doris Chard (Pike) 90 and 88 were happy to share anecdotes and memories.  Rosy Treasure, born in Todber and now the Online Parish Clerk, had local documents available.  She was also able to access information online, on the spot, to anyone researching family trees. One highlight was when visitors met relatives in the church, they didn’t even know they had!

Plants, raffles, a quiz, and refreshments helped to boost the coffers of many generous donations and £716 was raised.  The committee are hoping to use all the information that has been gathered to produce a document for present and future generations to enjoy.

A Facebook page ‘Todber Memories’ has been set up.

Caroline Custard   

Todber Church - photograph by David Lloyd

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